Saturday, 1 August 2015

After Canada life

I am thinking.....Can I use this blog for other things? Is this blog for only book discussion? I decided by myself. lol The answer is NO! I guess I can use for everything. So sometimes I write about life in Japan. I know no one see this blog. lol But it is ok~. It is for improving my english skill. :)
In Japan, it is so hot...I can't do anything. Sometimes I work as part time job. !! I found new interesting musician. It is Maroon5! First music is "suger". I listened "suger" on Youtube. It was good music and MV is very interesting! And I borrowed some CDs. My favorite music
is "Won't go home without you" This MV is so painful. If you don't know this music, please listen!

Saturday, 11 July 2015

Three cups of tea

I finished Book discussion! It was so exciting but little difficult for me. I read "Three cups of tea". It is almost true. I feel this is good story because main character, Greg, is so kind and honest man. And I think his action is the best for children. He tried to do everything hard and accomplished many things. I think I have to imitate his attitude because his attitude makes everything succeed. I am going to back Japan soon. I am regretting some my attitude and action. I don’t know whether or not is was correct. So I decide to try everything. This book changed my attitude.

And, thank you Jeff!! I reall enjoyed this class. I know that I need to study hard ore. I will continue to study to come Calgary again.

Tuesday, 7 July 2015


In the past, partner for marriage is chosen by their parents. It was common way in Japan many years ago. They had to do this way because it has some advantages. By this way, rich family can find rich person and spend rich life. Difference in social standing was very important in Japan.Now, it is changed. Young people can find partner freely, make true love. I think it is most important thing to marry. And many people also think so. Then the way to marry is changed.

And marriage ceremony is also changed. Many people did traditional ceremony long time ago. They wore the kimono and hakama. But now, many people do western marriage ceremony. They wear the dress or suit and they eat a cake. It became common way in Japan.


I really like movie. In Calgary, I went to Chinook to watch movie many times. I wanna recommend some movies. I'm going to introduce them. At first, I like Action, SF, like that. My favorite movie is Real Steel. It is robot movie, but I think you will be moved by this movie. Because this movie has not only action scene but also parental affection. And Actor is so cool! Main actor is Hugh Jack man. Do you know him?He also act  wolverine. He is one of the my favorite actor. And The bucket List is also good movie. This is two old persons story. I cried many times by this movie. If you haven't ever seen this, I really want to recommend!!


Okinawa is very interesting place. It's in Japan. I visited here for  doing scuba diving twice in a year. There are beautiful sea , landscape, and delicious food. My favorite food is Okinawa soba. Have you ever eaten it ? If you have never eaten it, you should try soon. I think you can buy it on internet. And Okinawa has so beautiful sea. Every year, I visited there for doing scuba diving.

Tuesday, 9 June 2015


I want to learn two languages. It is French and Chinese. I have already learned French for two years in my college. French is spoken in many countries around the world. So if I can speak French, I can go to many countries. And I want to visit to the Eiffel tower. Therefore I want to learn French. Also I want to learn Chinese. Because China is the second biggest country and there are many people and companies. I think that if I work all over the world in the future, I have to speak Chinese. So I need to learn Chinese for working.

Tuesday, 2 June 2015

Difference between man and woman

In Japan, there are differences about job between man and woman. A man had been worked about special work. For example, teacher, doctor, politician. And a woman had been worked about housework or office work. In Japan, a man had been earned money and a woman had been cared their child and done housework. It was normal idea in Japan. But it is changing today. A woman is becoming to work variety job. And a man is becoming to do housework. Difference about job between man and woman is decreasing now. But even now, there is difference about politics. In Japan, there is a little number of congresswoman. I think it have to be changed.